Personalised Candle Shadow Cube Can with Your Tagline and Name

If you are looking for a gift which have some special message for special one of your life either it’s your husband, wife, mother, father, sister, brother, friend, girlfriend, fiancee or fiance and peronsalized gift always give a great impression. Here on this page I am sharing some Personalized Candle Shadow Cube in these shadow cubes you can use your choice of tagline and name as per your choice.

Sending a gift with personalized message and name is really an speechless feeling and expression and people don’t looks for the prize for such a lovely gift here are some personalized candle shadow cube which you can order.

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You can see the beautiful messages here on the lamp with new design which is offer by another company at amazon the best part of this lamp is you can also customized it with any tagline and name of your choice which comes with personalized engraived name for the most presentable gift giving. The standard size of the lamp is Length- 15 X Width – 15 X Height-15Cm this lamp is made by MDF with vinyl coating.

Apna Photo Personalised Candle Shadow Cube Can with Your Tagline and Name

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This beautiful lamp can be customized with any tagline and name, this Shadow Lamp Comes With Personalised Engravied Name For The Most Presentable Gift Giving as already said its a perfect and a great gift for Father, Boyfriend , Husband, Son, Boss, Friend Or Any Other Loveones In Your Life. This Shadow Lamp Made By High Quality Mdf With Vinyl Coating which size is Length- 15 X Width – 15 X Height-15Cm.


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